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Technologic Intervention

9 Oct

I’ve lost my beloved computer. Her hard drive kicked it last night, leaving me with no Photoshop, Illustrator, Word…. you know, the things I need to do my job – and update this blog!

I also lost my entire catalogue of artwork and photography.

A new drive is on the way and the old one is going off to one of those expert types to see if anything can be recovered (though I’m not hopeful).

In the meantime, I’ll try to post what I can, and thanks for being patient with me!

P.S. – BIG giveaway upon my return!


Decisions, decisions…

6 Oct

I’ve spent considerable time over the past week hunting down new fabric for my vanity case. I want something bright and fun, and maybe a little bit kitchsy.

Since my beloved ReproDepot remains closed, I went to three places: Etsy (of course), Spoonflower and the Fat Quarter Shop. While Spoonflower has some cool fabrics, none of them are exactly what I want, and for this project, the price is a little prohibitive… (I do want to go back and create my own fabric at some point though!)

So I’ve narrowed down the fabrics to these choices. (Yes, this IS narrowed down!)

From the Fat Quarter Shop:

And three more, from Etsy:

What do you think? I am so conflicted! I am in love with every last one of these fabrics!

I think that I am leaning towards the mermaids and the hummingbirds/bees – I love the fact that the sellers bundled these, but with enough yardage that they can be used for a whole project.

Oh, decisions!