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Awesome Crate & Barrel Giveaway!

30 Nov

Sadly, it’s not me who’s doing the giveaway, but lucky for you, Half Baked is.


And, she’s giving you six – count em’, six! – ways to win.

Hop on over to her blog to find out all the details.


Chugga, Chugga, Chugga

27 Nov

One day, I will match the Little Engine That Could chug for chug!

Until then, I’m slowly getting moving again, with a new hard drive (and 2 back ups), new-ish job, a move in the works, holidays coming and craft and art galore!

As usual, I’ve decided that now is the perfect time to attempt two rather complex Christmas gifts – which will be revealed in due course, naturally.

I’ve long since received the fabric to refurbish my train case – now to just sit down and get it done! I’ll admit, I’ve been allowing myself to get stuck on the issue of paint. I do tend to get hung up in the details, and this is no different. At first, I thought I would be able to use my beloved Krylon, but the lack of color choices are hampering that decision – as well as how best to protect all the original hardware (tape? Vaseline? rubber cement?) whilst spraying. As a result, I’ve done nothing on the project, even though I certainly could have cut and pieced certain parts of the inside by now. Perhaps I need a virtual wrist-slapper? Why isn’t there an app for THAT?

So, I sit here in the midst of an altered tin can project, three paintings, two Christmas gifts, a giant light box, possibly a partridge or pair of turtledoves…. I’m considering a sweet escape to the Bandaloop caves where I will most certainly learn the secrets to life while jumping and crafting.

Updates to come, as soon as Photoshop complies with my wishes and completes its download.