Happy Smittenday! (and a giveaway!)

5 Dec

It’s here! The first official Smittenday! The day on which I share with you a small sampling of all the things that have caught my attention this week – things with which I am in smit, if you will.

I hope to do this post every Sunday because, as my husband said, everyone dreads Sundays. It’s the day the real world starts to creep back into our lives…. But, that just isn’t going to work for me. I’d rather have something to look forward to every Sunday, rather than sitting with the knowledge that work and responsibility are sneaking their ways back into my week.

I do reserve the right to become totally besotted mid-week (or anytime, really) with something that I absolutely!must!share! straightaway. 🙂

To celebrate this oh-so-very auspicious occasion, I thought a giveaway might be in order. You heard me: giveaway time!

Asian Ephemera Giveaway


Those who know me know that I have always been a collector, a saver, a memorabilia keeper. One thing that has always held my heart is paper – old paper especially, but new pieces as well, especially those that are pretty or interesting in some way. And if it’s something I can use in my art, even just the tiniest scrap of paper, I keep it.

I am in love with Asian ephemera, and so I thought it the perfect thing to give away on a Smittenday!

I have three packets of Asian ephemera to give away, each containing a variety of papers. Some will be vintage, some will be new. Some are vintage magazine pages. There is some killer joss paper to be had as well as a few other treats. And if something extra special should happen to make its way into the package well, lucky you!

Winning is simple! Just leave me a comment telling me how you might use any one of the pieces mentioned above.

Bonus entries can be scored by blogging about the giveaway (1 entry), adding me to your blogroll (1 entry), and following me via email or RSS feed (1 entry). Come back and leave a comment for each extra thing that you do.

The giveaway will end next Saturday, December 11th, so you have plenty of time to enter!


Now that that’s out of the way, on to the smittening!

This week’s smits are kind of all over the place – but isn’t that how love works?

First, the best printable I’ve ever seen. Shivani over at My Owl Barn worked her little butt to the bone pulling together these awesome artists, and then put together a widget that allows you to create a custom printable calendar. Full of owls.


Free Printable Owl Calendar

My Owl Barn's Free Printable Owl Calendar


I was browsing some new-to-me home decor sites this week, and came across The Future Perfect – and while I adore what they sell, being named after a verb tense clinched the smit. They also happen to have this:


The Future Perfect's perfect radio.


I’ve never been a Beatles fan (actually, that’s putting it mildly), but this? This is pure genius. And yes, that IS Steve Guttenberg and Michael Phillip Thomas in the same frame. Make sure you watch the whole thing, because it gets a whole lot better…

Did you know that I was president of my high school’s Amnesty International? You didn’t? I’m shocked! Well, now you know something about me that not many others do. That brings me to this smit. Ultra-cool street art done for AI, all done in the name of making the invisible visible. Amazing concept, more amazing cause. [via ibia]

Amnesty International Street Art

If you've never heard of Troy Davis, you should.


Have you seen the Momiji dolls yet? They are pretty much the cutest thing ever (and I think World Market is actually carrying them right now, if you can’t stand to wait for mail order). I haven’t seen a doll yet that I don’t like, but I especially adore the green-flocked Pea:


Flocked Pea Momiji Doll

Cutest thing ever? Maybe!


And, and, and…. The grammar nerd (who is blissfully relaxed whilst blogging, thank goodness) in me loves this Epershand necklace, but the writer in me loves it even more.


Epershand Necklace

With this round my neck, I could create run-ons worthy of Faulkner...


That’s it for me today! Remember to leave a comment for a chance to win the Asian ephemera giveaway! And while you’re at it, why don’t you tell me what you are smitten with this week?


One Response to “Happy Smittenday! (and a giveaway!)”

  1. Cathy December 6, 2010 at 11:04 am #

    love the paper giveaway! I own some paper that I keep in a box and bring it out once in a while just to touch… I’m definitely a paper-aholic. I would use your paper in some fabulous creative greeting cards!

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