A Peek at the Family

10 Dec

I realize I don’t talk a whole lot about myself here, so I thought it was time to introduce you to two members of my family. They are arguably the cutest out of all of us. I think you’ll agree:


This is Bronx. He likes running (obvi) and hates having his picture taken. Every photo of him is either like this one or of him charging the camera. Occasionally I’ll catch his butt as he leaves the room. He’s so savvy that he even knows a cell phone pointed in his direction is the camera mode – no joke!



And this is little Draya. I call her little, but really she’s a full 60 pounds of dense, pit bull muscle. And tongue, apparently. Her motto is, “I do what I want.” And she does. She’s remarkably well trained and obedient – except for those moments when she is just dead set on something. If she doesn’t want to go out, she does not go out. If she wants to sleep in the bed, she will climb in 26 times (after being told 25 times to get down). At this point we just shake our heads and say, “That’s just Draya.”

And those are the furbabies. We hang out all day (since I work from home), we go to the field (where these were shot), we cuddle, we play and they never fail to make my heart just melt into a puddle of pure gold.


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