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Details of New Orleans

31 Oct

Around this time last year, my husband and I were strolling the streets of New Orleans. It was my first time there, and though I didn’t see nearly everything I wanted to, I soaked in as many details as I could.

I found myself most taken by color and architectural features in the French Quarter. Everything caught my eye, from shiny and new to old and chipped. Colors, both brilliant and muted, popped out at me from every turn.

So I thought I’d share just a few of my favorites with you. All the rest will be posted on my Flickr, if you want to check them out.

A peek into one of the many alleyways of the Quarter

Gorgeous color on a set of plantation shutters

So much has eroded in the ignored sections of the Quarter

The ordinary things were the most beautiful

The city still stands


Emerging from my cocoon…

30 Oct

I’ve been on… let’s call it a hiatus. And it’s been too long. Far, far too long. An awful lot happened this year, including the death of my mother, and it all threw me for such a loop. To be honest, I haven’t so much as poked a toe into my studio since February.

But I think I’m ready. Last week I finally picked up my paints again. I’ve been busily editing a huge backlog of photos. And today I started sorting my masses of ephemera (that the movers so thoughtfully dumped out of the drawers into one big box).

This is good, right?


Here is an itty-bitty sneak peek at the painting I’m working on:

Later today, I’ll share some of the photos from our trip to New Orleans last fall – and hopefully this week I’ll have some Neon Boneyard pics to share!