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Angry Owl Sketch

12 Jan

Ready for a peek inside the sketch book?

This is just a quick owl inked over a watercolor background. He’s far from perfect, but I like him that way.

I love to use my books as places to pour out ideas for larger projects. It lets me get a feel for what I’m doing and work through any potential issues. And I love having a record of all my mistakes!


Experimenting With Sisal

9 Jan

File under: things that I thought would work, but totally didn’t.

I have it stuck in my head that I’m going to crochet a giant rug. There are various designs floating around my sketchbook, all of which seem workable – once I find the perfect material.

If I had unlimited means, I’d have my own sheep and be able to spin my own custom, giant yarn. Since this is not the case, I’m trying a few more readily available materials.

First on the block is sisal, which is available in fairly big spools at any big box hardware store. At about $7 per 100 feet, it’s a good deal.

And it looks really pretty on my blue crochet hook:

There are a couple of problems with crocheting sisal – and they probably should have sprung to mind before I even started, but my idealism won out.

First, splinters. My hands are in agony after just a few hours of playing with it. I spent probably twice that time tweezing daggers out of my fingers.

Second, it’s just too stiff. It’s perfectly flexible, and doubles back on itself with no problem, but because there is no elasticity, it is impossible to move beyond the first chain. And even that just looked sloppy.

So, the sisal will have to be used in another way (I’m thinking of channeling some very 70s table trivets) and I’m moving on to the next material for the crochet rug.

Winter Wreath

7 Jan

I have been woefully art deficient these past few months (the holidays were beyond difficult this year), but I did pull together a winter wreath. It’s my first wreath ever!

Born out of a desire to keep my husband from putting something store bought (like the fake velvet bows I caught him ogling) on the door, I pulled out an old book*, some paint, a dash of glitter and a lot of hot glue. Nine million paper feathers later, I added some deep red feathers and faux winterberry from the craft store.

*Disclaimer: The only books harmed in the making of this project were ones that no person should ever, ever have to read.

I’ve been snoozing…

5 Jan

…but new posts are coming soon!