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The Gardenless Summer

31 May

This will be my second summer in Las Vegas (not by choice), and my second summer without a garden. Heartwrenching. I am keeping a small herb garden…. maybe trying to keep would be more accurate. My dill bit the dust the day I brought it home. The cilantro sprouts have remained sprouts for over a month, never able to quite make their way into adulthood (who doesn’t identify with that struggle?). The parsley and thyme are trying so very hard, but despite frequent misting, they are getting a bit crunchy. The basil and oregano might make it, if I stick to their preferred misting schedule (every few hours).

All this makes me hate on Vegas so much more than I really should. I am being absolutely petulant about this. But I cannot imagine another year without some kind of homegrown freshness.

Perhaps some photography will help? If I take the right pictures, of the right things, and look at them a few times a day, maybe I can trick my brain a little. After all, it’s not like there isn’t gorgeous produce available to me – it’s only that I didn’t get to grow it.

We had radishes and beets this week (the beets were for beet chips, which were an absolute disaster). Before I sauteed the beet greens (soooo good with a bit of lemon and garlic), I took a few photos. And the radishes were just begging to be shot, with their brilliant pink outsides and translucent centers:

The depth of field on this shot is a little wonky, but I think that’s precisely why I like it so much. It zooms right in on that beautiful red of the stem, and the textures are so great.

I just love these. They make me long for a true macro lens!