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Religion Rewritten Through Paper Cuts

4 Apr

I am in awe. This is probably the most interesting paper cutting I’ve seen in the last two years. Forget laser cutting through books (does anyone else think laser cutting is kind of cheating?), this is… well, I’ll let you see for yourself!


Meg Hitchcock painstakingly cuts letters from religious texts and then reassembles them to create the words of other holy books.


Isn’t that beautiful?


Upcycled Trellis – From Golf Clubs!

24 Mar

I found these lovelies at a Goodwill a few months back and I couldn’t resist them. They are aqua, they are bakelite, they are awesome. Still, what do you do with just two golf clubs?




It’s going to be planted with my new jasmine plant which smells soooooo delicious – let’s just hope it doesn’t fry in the summer!

New Weapon In the Paper Cutting Arsenal

23 Jul

I have several favorite tools that I use in my paper cuts – my two favorites are the swivel-headed X-Acto, and the retractable X-Acto. I know a lot of artists prefer to use a knife with a #11 blade, but I find those harder to control and harder to keep sharp (although you can sharpen them with a knife sharpener). I also have favorite pencils and papers, and so on.

But now I also have these:

Do you recognize them? Here’s a close-up:

I had never seen these before… until the day I stopped into Sally Beauty Supply for some hair goop. And there they were, beckoning to me from the manicure rack. They are sanding sticks, and they are a mere 39 cents each. And they are awesome because, however sharp or swivelly your blade is, your paper cuts will always have some jagged edges, especially in the curves.

The sticks are small, smaller than a pencil, and they fit perfectly into all kinds of swirls and curves. As long as you aren’t using tissue paper, they take the rough edges right off. (When you’ve been doing this with a tiny roll of uncooperative sandpaper for a while, you will see how miraculous these are. )

Did I mention how cheap they are? Love that.

Woodland Finds

18 Dec

The other day we took the dogs down to the woods for open playtime. There is a really wonderful pond there with all kinds of cool stuff. So we decided to do a bit of foraging. We gathered mosses, pitcher plants and one lone fern who was barely surviving the cold.

We brought it all home and I pulled out some of my milk glass collection and got started:

Woodland Finds

Beautiful pitcher plants, some unidentified creeping bog plant, sphagnum moss, reindeer moss and some lovely dried flower stems who will be used a little later…


Woodland Finds

Everything needed to create a lovely woodland planting: pea gravel for the bottom of the bowl, moss, creepers, pitcher plants, soil, a small air plant and a crystal for good luck.

Lay about an inch of gravel in the bottom of your bowl (especially if it doesn’t have drainage), then add soil. Plant the pitchers and pack the moss in around it. You’ll want to have a spray bottle handy for watering as well.

Woodland Finds


“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.”

Frances Hodgson Burnett