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The New Project – Vintage Vanity Rehab

28 Sep

I wasn’t kidding, there really is a new project in the works (several actually, but I don’t want to jinx anything).

I happened across this vintage vanity case in the very dirtiest, dustiest, cobwebbiest corner of an antique/junk shop. It had just kind of been tossed back there – I believe the owner bought it in a lot auction, and I guess this wasn’t considered valuable. Can you believe it?!

So I scooped it up – it was nearly free. And I almost didn’t take it with me, except for this little detail:

Isn’t that awesome? All four hearts were in perfect – if slightly discolored – condition.

However, the rest of it…. well, see for yourself:

There was just no saving that interior, so today I began the process of ripping it out and attempting to clean the outside – though I’m afraid I may have to resort to Plan B, which is painting the exterior. It has several oily-looking stains that haven’t come out despite a thorough scrubbing with Dawn. But I’ve a few more tricks to try, so I’ll let you know how it goes…

Next step: picking a fabric for the interior!

With ReprotDepot shuttered, where do you suggest I look for fabric worthy of those Bakelite hearts?