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Sneak Peek: Upcoming Project

29 Mar

Can you guess what I’m making?


I hope to have the reveal at the end of  next week!


Today’s Project: Cardboard Cat Scratcher

25 Mar

Our dear little Windom Earle is finally starting to get obnoxious (or talented, if you ask her) with her clawing technique. Maybe “refined” is a better word. As in refined to the very expensive trunk we just bought for the living room. You wouldn’t think it to look at her, would you?

Windom Earle

But it’s true. So it’s time for a solution.

Enter the Scratcher Sleeper (TM me, I just made that up right here, right now.)

scratcherMy version is still under construction, but I hope to have it finished today and in action by tomorrow. Stay tuned for ridonkulously cute kitten pics!

DIY Nail Polish-Dyed Easter Eggs

23 Mar

These are amazing. Amazing! They remind me so much of the swirly papers we used to make with paint and water when I was little, but ultra intense.


All you’ll need is nail polish (I suggest hitting the Dollar Store for this), a dish of water and some nail polish remover for cleanup. You’ll also want a disposable plastic cup or bowl, toothpicks and of course, eggs.

Fill your container with water and then start adding drops of polish. Once you get a color combo that you like, use your toothpick to gently swirl the surface, creating the marbleized effect. Then you just dip! Go as far as you can on one end and let dry, then go back and repeat with the other side. Let them dry – topcoat or don’t, it’s totally up to you!

I would caution you to do this with blown out eggs or hard boiled eggs that you don’t intend to eat.

I think I’ll give it a try this weekend!

New Papercut

24 Aug

My mother-in-law’s birthday is coming up, and I am unable to be there for the big celebration, which just stinks. But at least I can send my husband over with a little gift.

This is papercut is kind of unusual in that it is brand new to me – I’ve never before used vellum, and this is my first go at a multi-layer cut. I only have the top layer done so far – but you can see what I hope to do with the rest of it.

And for those of you who might wonder: this is the Cape Hatteras lighthouse, in North Carolina.

I hope to have this completed by the end of the weekend, so keep an eye out!

Project Graveyard

13 Jul

This is basically how my creative process works: I get completely enamored and obsessed with an idea. Usually it’s something a little out of my depth and complicated/time consuming. So I start with great gusto, only to set the project aside, because a new one has already caught my eye. Those projects gather dust for a time, and then maybe I start them again.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

So prepare yourselves, because I am about to reveal the results of my sloth.

Project 1

I started this behemoth almost two years ago, while we were still in Florida. This is meant to be a shelving unit comprised of different sized boxes. So I brought it to Vegas, and then it sat in the garage for a year. Then I dragged it out and painted some stuff. And now it’s sitting, just like this, in the middle of the kitchen.

Project 2

This is a vintage train case that was in pretty shabby (yes, shabbier than this) condition. I dug it out of the back room of this weird guy’s antiques/junk shop. He didn’t even know he had it, and sold it to me for basically nothing. However, no amount of cleaning could get the grime off the outside and the “satin” inside needed replacing – but there was a lovely little mirror with cool corner details. I got as far as pulling out the insides so that I could make templates for a new lining. I sanded the hardware down to get rid of the rust, and I even bought new fabric for the inside. Then I painted on a layer of gesso and…. Well, you can see. This also happens to be sitting in a pile of studio crap that I have yet to sort.

Project 3

This is the sisal mat I began this spring. I got all those coils made and then realized the smell of tar wasn’t ever going to come out, and I wouldn’t be able to use it in the house. I ordered the new, untreated sisal, and promptly left it in the pile.

Project 4

Two guesses where this project is currently living. Screw it, you only need one. The gnomes have nothing to do with the project, in case you are wondering. I found this awesome vintage table at a Goodwill in Florida for $5. You can see it’s not in perfect condition – some of the brass caps are missing from the legs, and it’s definitely been dinged a bit. The idea was to paint it an amazing, intense robin’s egg blue, then adhere an image to it, so it would have a really graphic feel to it. Maybe it will be done by Christmas. Maybe.

Project 5

Another Goodwill find (there is actually a companion suitcase in the garage). I can’t even remember what I was going to use this for, only that I was going to make a dog bed out of the other one.

These are not the only projects in my graveyard, but five is enough to put out there, right? You don’t need to see the rest of my humiliation. But oh, please tell me I am not the only one who does this!

Decisions, decisions…

6 Oct

I’ve spent considerable time over the past week hunting down new fabric for my vanity case. I want something bright and fun, and maybe a little bit kitchsy.

Since my beloved ReproDepot remains closed, I went to three places: Etsy (of course), Spoonflower and the Fat Quarter Shop. While Spoonflower has some cool fabrics, none of them are exactly what I want, and for this project, the price is a little prohibitive… (I do want to go back and create my own fabric at some point though!)

So I’ve narrowed down the fabrics to these choices. (Yes, this IS narrowed down!)

From the Fat Quarter Shop:

And three more, from Etsy:

What do you think? I am so conflicted! I am in love with every last one of these fabrics!

I think that I am leaning towards the mermaids and the hummingbirds/bees – I love the fact that the sellers bundled these, but with enough yardage that they can be used for a whole project.

Oh, decisions!

A hint of what’s to come…

24 Sep

This is my next major project:

Can you guess what it is?