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Upcycled Trellis – From Golf Clubs!

24 Mar

I found these lovelies at a Goodwill a few months back and I couldn’t resist them. They are aqua, they are bakelite, they are awesome. Still, what do you do with just two golf clubs?




It’s going to be planted with my new jasmine plant which smells soooooo delicious – let’s just hope it doesn’t fry in the summer!


Smittenday: Orange Version

19 Dec

It has been painfully cloudy here the past few days, and I’m sick of it! Where is all the sunshine Florida promised me? (Definitely not here.)

To add insult to injury, it’s been bitterly, bitingly cold. Too cold to take the dogs to the field. Too grey to… well, to anything. I’ve been walking around with every light on in the house in an attempt at replicating sunlight!

So I thought a little warmth was in order – in the form of orangey things that make me feel all melty, the way sitting in front of a roasting fire does.Orange Day

1. A desktop ball of sun to brighten everything up.

2. Little notepads to record all my to-dos and mid-day brainstorms.

3. A vintage typewriter to help relieve writer’s block brought on by grey skies.

4. A lovely little ornament to craft while waiting for the sun to emerge.

Orange Day

1. Gorgeous Fluevogs to tromp out the shadows of the day.

2. Karma bubble bar to help recover from all that tromping.

3. Cheery teacup to hold the brew that brushes away the clouds.

4. Peacock fabric for a pillow in the reading nook.

Now it’s your turn – show me what you’re smitten with this week!